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The Celebrity Camel Toe Solution!
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About SmoothGroove

The SmoothGroove product is the brainchild of Susan Laurie who, like thousands of other women, suffered the occasional embarrassment of camel toe. Frustrated by the necessity to change clothes or put on a long top, Susan searched the internet, expecting to find a camel toe solution only to be disappointed that there was nothing available to save her blushes. Susan decided she wanted to develop a product that would allow her and women like her to wear their favourite clothes, whilst ensuring a smooth profile and has worked for the last four years with inspirational women and top designers to create SmoothGroove.

Today SmoothGroove customers range from young club goers who love how it makes them look in their tiny dance gear, to ladies who use it for yoga and horse riding - the list is endless. SmoothGroove is even used by ballet schools and a professional ice skater who wore it for a whole routine said ' didn't move, was very comfortable and it works...!'

SmoothGroove is the world's number 1 solution to prevent camel toe, and is used by X Factor, Britain's Next Top Model, Royal Ballet, Celebrities, and 1000s of women worldwide.